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David Cramp | December 18, 2017

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Bassdrum Books

Bassdrum Books Ltd BB published books on New Zealand Social History and non-fiction and these may still be purchased directly from us or from any bookshop or book distributor. They are also available from online shops such as Amazon or Fishpond. Bassdrum Books titles that are not included on the website are now out of print or have been sold to other publishers.

We no longer publish books but we will be converting our existing list into ebooks and these will be available during 2013.


Able To Do Business
By Frances Denz

Book - Able to do businessABLE To Do Business is a comprehensive, empowering guide for people with disabilities who wish to start their own business. Using real life examples and inspirational success stories this book demonstrates beyond doubt that not only is it possible to successfully start up in business but also to take control of your life and live it your own way. Written in plain language for people with no specialised knowledge, this book covers every aspect of starting a business from getting a smart idea through essential business accounting, to forecasting your future profits. It is a must for the budding entrepeneur and will be an indespensible help to carers, friends and families.

NZ: $45 (includes GST & P&P)
Available from Bassdrum Books by post
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New Zealand Social History

Learn, Teach, Serve
Compiled By Peg Cummins
Ardmore-784x1111Ardmore Teachers’ College opened in 1948 to help address the shortage of teachers in New Zealand caused by the ‘baby boom’ after WW2. It was New Zealand’s only fully residential teachers’ college and during its 27 year history, trained around 8500 teachers. Standards of training were high at Ardmore and its graduates were much sought after. The closure of the College in 1974 was the end of an era and although nothing remains at the site to indicate the College’s existence except for a memorial stone, it lives on in the memories of its thousands of students. They form the ‘Ardmore Family’ to whom this book is dedicated.

Ardmore Teachers’ College has played a significant role in the social history of New Zealand. The thousands of teachers who graduated from this recognised centre of excellence have taught hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders over the course of half a century and through this, their example, expertise and ethics have been stamped on the very fabric of our nation.

This lavishly illustrated book compiled by Peg Cummins, herself an Ardmore graduate, brings out the essential ‘flavour’ of the college and will become an indispensable volume in the library of anyone interested in New Zealand’s social history, and more especially to those who taught and studied there.

NZ: $45 (includes GST & P&P)
Available from Bassdrum Books by post
Price per book in NZD


My War Years
By Harry van Weerden
Book - My war yearsThis small book of wartime reminiscences takes a look at the ‘Japanese war’ from an unusual perspective and one that is often ignored by military historians – through the eyes of a young boy interned in various Japanese prison camps with his missionary parents following the Japanese occupation of the area.

Harry van Weerden, the young boy in question and now a New Zealand citizen of some 50 years standing tells us of his life in the Dutch East Indies in the period leading up to the war, the horrors of the war and his eventual repatriation to Holland prior to emigrating to New Zealand.

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the social history of the times as it throws a light on the dying days of European dominance in the East Indies and the whirlwind changes brought about by one of the most horrific periods of warfare that the world has ever known.

NZ: $22 (includes GST & P&P)
Available from Bassdrum Books by post
Price per book in NZD


Producing Royal Jelly
By Ron van Toor
Book - Royal JellyA Guide For The Commercial and Hobbyist Beekeeper by a known expert in his field, Dr. Ron van Toor is the most up to date and complete guide to producing Royal Jelly currently available. It doesn’t matter whether you have one hive or one thousand or more, Ron’s clear text, illustrative diagrams and colour photos will take you step by step through every stage of producing this healthy and profitable hive product. With great tips on how to increase production and store the fresh product this book is simply:

  • Ideal for the hobbyist
  • Ideal for commercial producers
  • Ideal for beekeepers who want to get more out of their beekeeping
  • Essential for the beekeeper wanting to set up a profitable beekeeping sideline
  • An excellent idea for a Christmas or birthday present.

This book on the production of royal jelly is currently the most comprehensive text on the subject available in English. The 80 page book will appeal to all beekeepers whether they are hobbyists or commercial bee farmers, and even those who are currently producing royal jelly will find valuable information on improved methods from this expert in his field. For those beekeepers, or smallholders who have thought about beekeeping, and are looking for a profitable sideline to their mainstream activities, the production of royal jelly is just such a possibility. The clear explanations, diagrams and photographs will take the beginner through all stages of production from setting up the correct numbers of hives to selling the packed product. Only the most modern methods of production backed up by sound research are explained in this book which offers many tips on how to increase your production and profits.

UK: £14-95 + P&P (paper back)
NZ: $45 inc GST. Please add P&P from the UK. (Request price).
Buy online from Northern Bee Books or
Available from Bassdrum Books in NZ & UK
Price per book in NZD

NOTE: The rights to publish this book have now been sold to Northern Bee Books in the UK. Bassdrum Books Ltd has only a few copies left and you can still order from us until the stock runs out. Books will be despatched from the UK.