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David Cramp | December 18, 2017

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21. Neighbours

September 2, 2012 |

I forget who said it but the following sentence accurately sums up the point of this post. ‘Neighbours aren’t just neighbours, they are a whole environment.’ There was never a truer word said on the subject and wherever you move to, you will have neighbours, however distant Read More

13. Finca Granadero

January 23, 2010 |

We had been in Spain for 18 months and for some reason we had itchy feet. The small house called Finca Granadero that we had bought was now a beautiful Andalucin cottage with beams and nooks and crannies that the previous owner had blocked up Read More

11. Sharam

August 18, 2009 |

Sharam’s new home needed to be remote because of his continuing requirements for daily challenge and I knew that the small place down the track from us belonging to an English couple from Birmingham might well do the trick. Read More

10. Our neighbour

August 9, 2009 |

Within a year, we had turned a very pretty Andalucian country cottage that had been turned into seaside villa back into a very pretty Andalucian cottage only now with better facilities such as electricity, water, a wood burning stove and an operational septic tank, and we had started some basic landscaping. Read More